Phone Number

What is a VoIP?

How Our Phone Service Works

Can people tell I’m calling from a VoIP number?

Not usually. There’s nothing that will show up on your outbound Caller ID to indicate that you’re calling from a VoIP number. In fact, with our service, you can customize your Caller ID so that it displays your business name when you make a call.

Can I make calls using VoIP without a phone?

Yes! You can use any device with an internet connection and a microphone, including a laptop and tablet.

How long does it take to set up a VoIP number?

With our service, just a few minutes. You don’t need an extra phone or SIM card or any other hardware–just a device with an internet connection.

Do you require me to sign a contract for a VoIP phone number?

No! We just charge $9/month after the 90-day free trial is up. And you can cancel anytime.