Business Website

What is web hosting?

How Our Website Service Works

What does my website come with?

When you purchase Business Website service from Registered Agents Inc, we provide web hosting (a space where your website lives online), as well as ready made template for site building ease. Your site comes with About Us, Contact Us, and Homepage templates that you can amend as needed. You can add features like video and images, and can endlessly customize to fit your business’s needs.

How much does a business website cost?

The cost to set up and maintain a business website depends on a variety of factors. If you hire someone to design your site, for example, it’s going to be much more expensive than if you build it yourself. When you purchase a business website from us, it’s free for the first 90 days. After that, it’s just $9/month to maintain.

Is it worth having a website for a small business?

Yes. No matter how big your business is, having a website can boost sales, credibility, and customer reach.

How do I create a website for my business?

With Business Website service from Registered Agents Inc, you can launch your website within minutes. Simply plug your information into the templates provides, and you’re off to the races. Of course, you can also dive into your site and spend hours making it exactly what you want it to be. Either way, our expert customer service team is ready to help.

What is the difference between a personal website and a business website?

A business website sets up lines of communication between customers and the company. It offers a method for purchasing, and sets forth a brand voice. A personal website, on the other hand, is generally focused on a smaller and more familiar audience. It won’t have goods for sale, and while it may establish a voice, that voice isn’t necessarily connected to a larger brand image.