Registered Agents Inc. Terms of Service and Privacy Agreement

Applicable state laws govern Registered Agents Inc. and any agreements with Registered Agents Inc. Registered Agents Inc. does not give legal or tax advice; any information on this website, written or expressed by Registered Agents Inc., is merely a mix of interpretation and opinion.

Registered Agents Inc. offers a variety of services. Only the services the client hires Registered Agents Inc. to perform apply to the client.

In the agreement below, “we” corresponds to Registered Agents Inc. “You” refers to the client.

Registered Agent Service

When you hire Registered Agents Inc. to be your registered agent service provider, we agree to accept service of process on behalf of your business(es) and forward the legal documents and notices to you and/or your business’ designated communications agent. Registered Agents Inc. will comply with and meet all applicable state registered agent requirements. Some states may require the registered agent to maintain a complete list of the business’ private information including the names and addresses of directors, managers, members, shareholders, etc., and the client agrees to provide to Registered Agents Inc. all information required by the state in which we are serving as the registered agent. If the client does not or refuses to give accurate company information, Registered Agents Inc. reserves the right to resign as the designated registered agent. When supplying Registered Agents Inc. with required, private information, the client agrees to utilize the tools we provide in their online account to securely store the required company information. Registered Agents Inc. will never sell the client’s private information to a third party, publish it on a state website, or share said information with any agency or person unless compelled or required by state law to disclose the aforementioned information.


Filings and Business Entity Formations
State filing fees are paid to the state and are nonrefundable, regardless of whether a filing is delayed or rejected. Client agrees that any order requiring state filing fees is non-refundable. If registered agent service was ordered as part of service and the cancellation takes place within 24 hours of placing the order, $25 will be refunded to the client.

Registered Agent Service
Cancellations and refunds for registered agent service must be issued within 24 hours of time of order, or otherwise fees are nonrefundable. Once the cancellation has been processed, only $25 will be refunded on the registered agent service order.

Company Formation and Other Services

Registered Agents Inc. will form the client’s business entity or complete the task for which we were hired in accordance with applicable state and federal laws. The client will provide Registered Agents Inc. with accurate information. Registered Agents Inc. cannot guarantee that its services are complete or free of errors, but errors will be corrected free of charge to the client.


Registered Agents Inc.’s liability, financial or otherwise, is limited only to the fees paid to Registered Agents Inc.

Fee Schedule

Returned check fee $35
Insufficient funds fee $35
Late fee $35
Interest 18%
Research $75 per hour
Excessive forwarding (typically more than 15 service of processes a year; if that’s you, call us and we may be able to work out a better option) $20 per document
Any refund $25
Resignation of agent fee $45
Disputed charges (these affect our credit negatively; call us to work something out prior to disputing a charge) $175
Filing a mail forward/change of address with the US Postal Service under our address (trying to make our address look like your business’ address so your mail can be delivered to us) $3500

Privacy Policy: Registered Agents Inc.

The following policy concerns Registered Agents Inc.’s approach to the collection, storage, and protection of data of users, visitors, and clients using this site. All visitors, users and customers of this website are subject to the policy as laid out herein. This privacy policy is applicable to this website ( and this website alone.

Throughout the following document, the term We is to be understood as Registered Agents Inc.; This Website is to be understood as; and You is to be understood as any user, visitor or customer of this website.

Use of this website warrants and represents that any users, visitors and customers have read this privacy policy and, by continued use of this site or entrance into any contract by means of this site, fully agree with the terms and conditions of this policy.

Registered Agents Inc. Security

Registered Agents Inc. maintains the industry security standards and implements varied security measures to protect all data, personal and non-personal, is protected against loss, theft, misuse and alteration.

Data of Minors Under 13-Years-Old

Registered Agents Inc. does not enter into contracts or accept monetary payment, or collect or solicit personal information from juvenile minors under the age of 13.

If you are a juvenile minor under the age of 13, you are prohibited from providing personal information to us through use of this website. You are also prohibited from impersonating an adult and providing inaccurate information to us in exchange for services or products provided by this webiste.

If, at any time, Registered Agents Inc. becomes aware that data has been collected from a juvenile minor under the age of 13, all data collected will be removed and deleted.

The Kind of Data Collected By Registered Agents Inc.

Personal, Financial and Business Data

All personally identifiable information collected by this website prompts and requires the user to input their personal information. It is never performed in a misleading or clandestine way.

Registered Agents Inc. provides services and products via this website. Personal data collected through this website is for the sole purpose of providing those services and products. No personal data is ever repackaged, sold, auctioned or distributed in any way to third-party agencies, entities, vendors, or individuals unless by the order of law or for billing purposes.

Personal data is considered data that can personally identify you: your name, address, email, etc.

Registered Agents Inc. also collects financial information, such as credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates, and codes in order to process payment for services and products rendered.

Information concerning your business, such as the name of your business, your principal business office address, the names of your members or shareholders, etc. may also be collected as needed to provide the services and products rendered as part of contracts entered into by you as a customer of Registered Agents Inc.

You are under no obligation whatsoever to provide personal, financial or business information to Registered Agents Inc. No information is collected through indirect means. All information is collected directly, through the use of standard online data forms. Should you choose not to provide personal, financial or business information, it may be impossible for you to enter into contracts with Registered Agents Inc. and purchase services of products offered on this website.

Changes to Personal, Financial and Business Data

You may change the personal, financial and business data collected by this website when applicable in order to update and keep current the services and products provided by Registered Agents Inc.

Non-Personal Data

This website utilizes cookies to track the preferences of users, visitors and customers. Cookies are not utilized to collect personal, financial or business information. You are under no obligation to enable cookies on your web browser while interacting with this website; however, disabling cookies may result in an inability to purchase services and products offered by Registered Agents Inc.

This website tracks user, visitor and customer traffic data to use for optimizing your experience and improving the functionality and usability of this website.

How Collected Data is Used by Registered Agents Inc.

All data, including personal, financial, business and non-personal, collected on this website is for the sole and express purposes of providing you with the services and products offered on this website.

Collected data may be used to provide customers of Registered Agents Inc. with updates or notifications regarding services purchased and rendered, including expiration and renewal notices.

Collected data may also be used to execute rights and obligations arising from contracts customers have entered into with Registered Agents Inc.

Collected data may be used to improve the experience of users, visitors and customers of this website as deemed appropriate and necessary by Registered Agents inc.

Policy Changes Without Notice

Changes to this policy may occur without notice. Registered Agents Inc. is under no obligation to provide notification of changes to this policy to users, visitors or customers. It is under the discretion of Registered Agents Inc. to determine whether or not substantive changes to this policy will result in notice being given to existing customers who have entered into contracts with Registered Agents Inc.

If you have questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please contact us 307-200-2803