SSL Security

What is encryption?

Your website needs an SSL certificate to keep visitor data safe and, as a result, build trust with your customers. But SSL certificates help to build trust with search engines, too, which can help your site’s placement in search results.

How Our SSL Certificate Works

Is an SSL certificate 100% secure?

SSL security helps protect information while it’s in transit, but it doesn’t prevent other kinds of security threats, like viruses, malware, or bugs in the code. An SSL certificate is an important piece of a broader security strategy.

What will happen if a website doesn’t have SSL?

The information your uses enter into your website (like passwords or credit card numbers) will be transmitted in plain text, easily read by anyone trying to intercept it. What’s more, your website will likely alert users to the fact that the website is not secure, which will affect how consumers view your business.

How do I renew my SSL certificate?

It depends on your service provider. Some providers require you to make plans to renew your certificate before its expiration date. Our service renews automatically every month, so you don’t have to worry about it expiring. You can cancel from within your client account.