About Us

As our name would suggest, Registered Agents Inc. specializes in providing registered agent service. What’s unique about us is that we’re one of just a few registered agents who service start-ups, small businesses, nationwide companies, and also provide white label and wholesale registered agent services. We want to provide premium level service to every client, and with years of building network infrastructure and utilizing advanced technology to provide real-time document delivery and intuitive design, Registered Agents Inc. is the corporate compliance solution your business has been searching for.

Commercial Registered Offices

Even the biggest retail registered agent services use residential home addresses in some states. We operate commercially in each state to provide you real time document delivery. Not just services of process. We are the only national registered agent that can get you all your documents in real time, because we are the only national registered agent company running commercial offices in every state. Others might say they’ll scan you all the documents, but that’s after a virtual office or sub contractor has mailed your clients legal documents to a national hub.

Corporate Account Portal

No matter where you are, you can access and view your company’s documents and corporate compliance requirements from your phone, tablet, laptop or home computer through our Corporate Accounts Portal. Our online account platform allows you seamless control over a business’ documents in multiple states, making corporate maintenance simple.

B2B Services

When your business hires a company to provide registered agent services for your clients, you will ultimately be putting down of a registered agent that could potentially dilute your company’s brand. Registered Agents Inc is the premium name in the industry. What makes us special is our ability to appear as a seamless extension of your own business.Registered Agents Inc was formed to fulfill a need for a different way of fulfilling state requirements to appoint a registered agent. By providing a real level of professional service, we’ll help enhance your company’s great customer service, speed, and attention to detail.

Premium Customer Service

Before Registered Agents Inc. many of the corporate filing services attorneys would use random people as a registered agent in various states. This left many newly-formed companies with ill-equipped registered agents that did little to help keep those new businesses stay in good standing. Registered Agents Inc. is different. Not only do we provide real time document delivery and enterprise level API integration; we care deeply about the success of your business. We have representatives available to help both English and Spanish speaking clients. And if we don’t solve a problem for you, we’ll hand craft a solution for you to make your registered agent service operate better and more efficiently. We’re here to serve you.

* Registered Agents Inc. is not affiliated with Registered Agents, Ltd. ®