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Thank you for taking time to explore Registered Agents Inc. We strive to reflect small-town values in the services we offer at a national scale, and we are a small business like most of you. We employ 15-20 people, on average, in the Sheridan community, remote workers elsewhere in Wyoming, and many more at our locations throughout the country.

If you’re familiar with small-town living, you know your name and reputation matter. We attempt to treat each of our customers and employees as we would like to be treated, as if we’ll see them at the YMCA after work or at junior high volleyball practice. No excuses for work screwed up. Just a handshake agreement and a commitment to give it our all until everyone’s satisfied and agrees it’s a job well done.

For those of you interested in a deep dive into our company history, please enjoy. For those not so interested and just looking for a good instant service, you can sign up here.

Registered Agents Inc. Timeline


A group of local leaders and business owners came together to explore saving a community bank from being acquired or shed by a large national corporation in the fallout from the Great Recession. At this point, some initial employees, missions, and bylaws were established, but during the time it took to formalize a recovery plan, the bank turned itself around on its own.

With the bank’s new success, our original purpose disappeared, but while modeling the economic business plan for the bank, we uncovered an idea with great potential. We could see that the bank’s best customers were small businesses and that there was possibly going to be an influx of new entrepreneurs needing help. The better help they got, the better their chances of survival and becoming a meaningful part of their communities seemed attractive to us. Further review of Wyoming’s laws seeded the idea of pushing Wyoming on a national scale as the best place in the nation to start and maintain businesses.


With this pivot from banking to job creation and small business stability, we could see the appealing nuances of the Wyoming registered agent.

Wyoming was the nation’s leader in responsible privacy protection and transparency and still is today. No other state offered the ability to form a company and keep the names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and corporate structure away from the prying eyes of data aggregators, big tech, or just plain old nosy people with nothing better to do, while maintaining full transparency through proper government channels.

A registered agent in Wyoming is required to keep, maintain, and produce all information on the companies it represents to authorities instantly, and if unable to do so, the registered agent faces penalties and fines.

We saw this not only as a superior corporate entity structure neither marketed nor widely used nationwide, but also a superior product to protect our customers’ privacy while being fully transparent with the right authorities at the same time. This seemed like an under-exploited opportunity to make doing business better for American small businesses.

After creating mission statements and corporate bylaws, and getting all initial employees on board with our pivot from banking to small business creation, Registered Agents Inc. filed its initial Articles of Incorporation in Wyoming on September 13, 2010.


In this era, we adopted frameworks and principles that are still a big part of our culture today, such as:

  • Take care of your customers and employees as if you’ll see them this evening when our kids are playing basketball together.
  • Invest in long-term solutions for the community versus short-term profits.
  • Provide instant customer service.

2015- 2017:

We brought in new leadership and began to grow what would later become vibrant product teams by moving away from a just-winging-approach to a more structured approach of servicing customers at scale. Our focus on new leadership with technical and product chops allowed the company to start focusing on improving the software we had created. Many new iterations of our work were created and a more modern organizational structure evolved.

This era brought about many new innovations to our industry, such as:

  • Automated corporate filings.
  • Dedicated intranetwork scanning from all 50 locations to our own dedicated servers.
  • Structured software designed to drive interactions with our customers and provide more meaningful support.


A new round of leadership brought in a much more insightful and empathetic focus on the customer: Solving Problems.

Our 2018 leaders brought about a concept that really has taken us to who and what we are today. The idea that when you start a business, it’s clunky. People don’t have business phone numbers, business addresses, business emails, or any type of corporate identity.

So we pivoted from corporate services at scale to more of a solutions provider. We created a phone service, an address service, and started expanding into domains, emails, ssls, and website hosting for our business customers as well.


Well, all neat ideas came to a crashing halt as the economy went into a nosedive at the beginning of 2020 and then came roaring back in the summer of 2020.

The honest truth is that we struggled to keep up during this time frame. There was an explosion of small businesses created in America during this time. The inundation of new customers stretched all our systems to the breaking point, and we were forced to double down yet again on more leadership talent acquisitions to help bolster our directives and help keep up with our demand. As everyone knows, Covid was a wild time to employ people and keep sustainable businesses going especially with our workforce being spread out amongst conservative and liberal states with widely varying rules and employee perspectives. As a company, living through those times has made us stronger and more resilient. But we’d be lying if we said it was smooth.

2023 and beyond:

With the rapid influx of Covid-era accelerated small business growth behind us, we have been able to get back to the basics of providing our entire corporate identity services and improving how they work for our customers.

It’s an exciting time. We have expanded our footprint in Sheridan from a 7000 sq ft office to an additional 16,000 sq ft office. We anticipate endless growth as we continue to focus on our customers and employees.

A bit more of the nitty gritty details like Registered Agents Inc. ownership:

While we’re smaller and not even close to being on the same map, we’ve based our ownership structure on two companies we greatly admire: Lego® and Patagonia.

Our ownership is in a trust and foundation. We structured our ownership initially after the Lego corporate structure. A sustainable company structured to last hundreds of years. We also have many private inspirational generational business owners in Wyoming that have focused more on the product and solutions than prestige and press that have inspired us as well. But Lego, a great initial product and a culture of continual innovation, has stood the test of time. A company that pays well and gives back to their community.

In the US, foundations cannot hold a large percentage of for-profit enterprises. We have recently been re-inspired by the Patagonia corporate structuring many foundations into a cohesive group to control the Patagonia brand with a mission of giving back to the world instead of corporate profits. Our trust was established with restrictive clauses only available in Wyoming with the initial intent to give control of Registered Agents Inc. to its leadership while making it almost impossible to sell out to a large national corporate conglomerate. Our purpose is to provide amazing business solutions to our customers, amazing jobs that provide actual living wages and benefits to our employees, and to give back to the communities we are a part of.

Thank you for your support.

Registered Agents Inc.

* Registered Agents Inc. is not affiliated with Registered Agents, Ltd. ®