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Tennessee Registered Agent Requirements

All corporations, nonprofits, LLCs, LPs, and LLPs formed or registered to do business in Tennessee are required to appoint a Tennessee registered office and a Tennessee registered agent.

What is a Tennessee Registered Agent?

Tennessee registered agents are a person or entity designated by a company to receive official communications on its behalf. Many Tennessee registered agents are companies in the business of being a registered agent. Others are simply individual residents of the State of Tennessee. All registered agents in Tennessee must have a physical address in the state and occupy the registered office address during normal business hours to accept service of process on behalf of companies listing that person or company as their resident agent. That means registered agents cannot have a P.O. box as their registered office; they must have a physical address where they can accept official notices and mail.

Why You Need a Tennessee Registered Agent

You need to know when someone notifies you of a lawsuit. When you create a corporation or LLC, you are creating an entity without the ability to communicate on its own. A registered agent in Tennessee accepts communication on behalf of a Tennessee business entity and ensures those responsible for the entity are made aware of the notice or service of process the agent has received on entity’s behalf.

The requirement to designate a Tennessee registered agent may seem like an inconvenience, but you’re forming a company; a company that people might have problems with and may get sued someday. It’s important to have a reliable way to be notified when someone needs to contact you with a legal problem or tax notice. That’s why Tennessee registered agents are important.

Change Your Tennessee Registered Agent

Changing registered agents in Tennessee is a simple and inexpensive process. All that is required is to file the Change of Registered Agent form with the Tennessee Secretary of State. There are separate forms for different business entities. There is a $20 fee to change your Tennessee registered agent. The change of registered agent takes 3-5 business days for the secretary of state to process.

How to Become a Registered Agent in Tennessee

The main requirement of being a registered agent in Tennessee is that you have a physical address in Tennessee where you can accept physical mail from process servers. That means you must have an actual address—not a virtual office or P.O. box—where you’ll be available to receive service of process during normal business hours.

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