White Label Registered Agents

With years of experience within the registered agent and corporate compliance industries, Registered Agents Inc. has built a secure platform of services and technologies to provide all clients with outstanding services. We know that not all companies have the resources, networks, or desires to offer their clients registered agent service nationwide. This serves as the underlying idea behind our white label registered agent solutions.

What is White Label Registered Agent Service?

With Registered Agents Inc.’s white label service, any company can offer their clients high-end registered agent service anywhere in the US. Registered Agents Inc. will fulfill all statutory duties of the registered agent under the company’s name. This allows companies the ability to offer a premium service under their name, focus on their own specialty services, and take advantage of the networks and services Registered Agents Inc. has built.

In short, your company sells the service, we fulfill the service under your name.

White Label Registered Agent Solutions

With each white label solutions account, clients will receive the following services and options:

  1. Company Controlled SalesĀ 
    In essence, Registered Agents Inc. provide wholesale registered agent services. Companies sell and interact with their clients, we provide registered agent service in each state and forward documents to your company on behalf of your customers. Your clients never interact with us.
  2. Simple Transactions
    Through our Application Programming Interface (API), we offer white label clients the ability to seamlessly populate filing fees, costs, and all required client information in an efficient matter.
  3. Online Applications
    Registered Agents Inc. provides all white label clients with an intuitive software to simplify client relationships and corporate compliance, which means white label clients can offer their customers secure online accounts through which customers can monitor their companies.
  4. No Brand Devalue
    When a company hires Registered Agents Inc., they need not worry about devaluing their brand image. The registered agent service is provided under their company name, not ours.
  5. Filing Services
    In addition to nationwide registered agent service, we can also provide business entity formation services in every state under third-party company name. Registered Agents Inc. employs a number of skilled and knowledgeable filers who perform flawless company formations everyday on the behalf of our clients.
  6. Front End Service Capabilities
    What separates Registered Agents Inc. from other wholesale registered agent service providers is our willingness and ability to perform high-end customer service on white label clients’ behalf. Through network interfacing, we can answer phones, email, and manage accounts under a white label client’s company name.
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