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Wyoming’s Most Trusted Registered Agent:

Every week more companies change their Wyoming registered agent service to Registered Agents Inc. than any other provider. Why? Simple: trust.

We live out West. If you live out West, you either work miserable conditions for natural resource companies or you become an entrepreneur. Naturally, this leads to a lot of registered agent companies in Wyoming. Most of them are small operations without the resources or the stamina to really focus on registered agent service. At Registered Agents Inc., we have slowly and carefully built a registered agent service with the size, skill and dedication to give you the most reliable service in our industry.

Registered agent service is all that we do. We take it seriously. In fact, we take it more seriously than any other service you’ll find. Our dedication has paid off. We lose fewer clients than any other registered agent service, even though we are twice the size of our next closest competitor. Year after year, we have the honor of serving more clients and assisting them in maintaining their compliance. Wyoming businesses trust Registered Agents Inc.

It’s not just registered agent service we take seriously. We strongly believe in Wyoming business privacy and security. In fact, we kind of take it to the extreme:

  • We are the only registered agent in Wyoming that is PCI DSS Level 2 compliant
  • We own our own office
  • We own our own servers
  • We write our own code
  • We operate our own tokenizers

It’s important to hire a Wyoming registered agent that cares about your privacy and security. Your Wyoming registered agent is your company’s link to the outside world. We keep your data secure and look out for your business privacy.

What Is a Wyoming Registered Agent?

A Wyoming registered agent is a person or entity designated by a company to receive official communications on behalf of the business. Most registered agents in Wyoming are companies that have registered as commercial registered agents (professional companies that specialize in registered agent service). Others are simply individual residents of the State of Wyoming.

To be a Wyoming registered agent, individuals (18 or older) and commercial registered agents must have a physical presence in the state. This is called a registered office, and this office must be open during normal business hours to accept service of process on behalf of companies they serve. A registered agent cannot have only a PO box. Their Wyoming address must be a physical address where official notices and mail can be accepted.

Why You Need a Wyoming Registered Agent:

When you create a Wyoming corporation or Wyoming LLC, you are forming a legal entity that does not have the ability to communicate on its own. A Wyoming registered agent accepts communication on behalf of business entities and ensures that the entity’s owners are made aware of any notice or service of process that the agent has accepted.

To many business owners, the requirement to designate a Wyoming registered agent seems like an inconvenience, but in fact we supply a critical function for your company. If your business is ever sued, it is important to have a reliable way to notify you of the impending litigation. The State of Wyoming also needs a dependable method of notifying your business if there are legal issues, tax updates or compliance requirements that need your attention.

Your Wyoming registered agent is here to help with all these official communications.

Change Your Wyoming Registered Agent

Changing registered agents in Wyoming is a simple and inexpensive process. All that is required is to file the Change of Agent form with the Wyoming Secretary of State. The form is free to file. The change of registered agent takes a few business days for the Secretary of State to process.

How to Become a Registered Agent in Wyoming:

The main requirement for registered agents in Wyoming is maintaining a physical address in the state where you can accept certified mail from process servers. This means you must have an actual address–not a virtual office or PO box–where you can receive service of process during normal business hours. If you meet these qualifications, you can use this as your registered office and list your name as your Wyoming registered agent.

Why Use Registered Agents Inc. in Wyoming?

  1. Experience
    We’re one of the largest registered agent service providers in Wyoming. This is what we do—every day, all day.
  2. Reliability
    We handle service of process every day. We have worked tirelessly on design and user experience to eliminate errors from our systems.
  3. Speed
    We scan your legal documents to you in real time from our registered office in Wyoming.
  4. Commercial Address
    Our addresses are commercial offices focused purely on registered agent service.
  5. Quality Service
    We may not be the cheapest, but we are and will always be the premium choice.
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