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Registered Agent Service in Wisconsin

Whether you’ve just formed your first company or are seeking a high-end registered agent to provide service to vast numbers of Wisconsin businesses, Registered Agents Inc. is your go-to. As your Wisconsin registered agent, we will notify you in real time when we receive any legal documents on behalf of your company or your client’s company. No one does Wisconsin registered agent service better than Registered Agents Inc.

Registered Agent Statutory Requirements in Wisconsin

Companies in Wisconsin, both foreign and domestic, must continuously maintain a registered agent and registered office in Wisconsin. a Wisconsin registered agent is the agent for service of process, notice or demand–in other words, in the event of a lawsuit, the company must have an agent that is designated to receive the legal papers and forward them to the company.

In order to act as a registered agent in Wisconsin, an agent must either be 1) an individual who is a resident of Wisconsin and has a business office that functions as its registered office or 2) a company that has authority to do business in Wisconsin that has a business address in Wisconsin that can function as the registered office. A registered office must have a physical location within Wisconsin and must be open and available to receive service of process. A registered agent company can be either a domestic company that was formed in Wisconsin, or a business from another state that has registered as a foreign company in Wisconsin. The company may be a stock or nonstock (profit or nonprofit) corporation, a limited partnership or registered limited liability partnership, or a limited liability company.

How to Be a Registered Agent in Wisconsin

As is clear from the above Wisconsin requirements, your company can be a Wisconsin registered agent company if it has has a physical address in Wisconsin, is registered with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, and is available during regular business hours. You can also be a registered agent as an individual if you are a resident of Wisconsin and have a business address in the state.

Overview of our Wisconsin Registered Agent Service

  • Instant Access
    As soon as you sign up, you receive a secure, online account with everything you need in one place. You have instant access to instructions, forms, operating agreement, etc. Plus, every document we file for you will be accessible as soon as we receive them back from the WI Department of Financial Institutions.
  • Real-time Alerts
    We keep track of your compliance requirements so you don’t have to. We’ll send you an alert as soon as your annual reports are due.
  • Streamlined Process
    You won’t need to waste precious time watching a tutorial video of how to use our system. We’ve worked hard to make it a simple and user-friendly process for you.
  • National Coverage
    We provide the same reliable, straightforward service in any state you want to register in. That also means access to all the documents you need, all in one account, whether you register in 2 states or 50.
  • Expert Service
    We’re here when you need us to walk you through every stage of incorporating your business.

How to Switch Wisconsin Registered Agents

If your company is a domestic corporation, there are three ways to change your Wisconsin registered agent; there are only two ways for an LLC or a foreign corporation.

Options for Domestic Corporations:

  1. File a Registered Agent and/or Registered Office Change with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions. The fee is $10, and you can file online. You can do next-day expedite for $25. If you’re nowhere near your annual report due date, this is the simplest, most affordable way to go.
  2. Make a change to your agent when you file your Annual Report. This is the cheapest and most convenient option, since you have to complete an annual report anyway. However, it’s only doable if you’re close to your report due date. (Foreign corporations are due by March 31st, and domestic corporation due dates are either March 31, June 30, September 30 or December 31st, depending on the anniversary date of incorporation.)
  3. File Articles of Amendment – Stock, For-Profit Corporation. The fee is $40 and by paper only. Unless you’re amending something else about your company, there are not very many reasons to recommend this option.

Options for LLCs or Foreign Corporations:

  1. File a Registered Agent and/or Registered Office Change. This is the same form used by domestic corporations–the fee is $10 and you can file online. Since you can only change your registered agent on your annual report as a domestic corporation, we recommend changing your agent this way.
  2. File Articles of Amendment. The fee is the same for LLCs and foreign corporations–$40. LLCs may file online.

No matter what option you use, you need to include the name of your company, the name of your new agent, and the Wisconsin address of your new agent.

Why You Need a Wisconsin Registered Agent

  • A registered agent basically acts as the main point of contact between your company and the state of Wisconsin.
  • Your company is required to have a registered agent in Wisconsin. Without one, Wisconsin could administratively dissolve your company.
  • You can use your registered agent’s address in Wisconsin as your company’s address. This keeps your own address off of state records, making your personal information more secure.
  • Your Wisconsin registered agent is available during business hours to receive service of process. You won’t have to worry about the possibility of papers being served at your workplace or while you’re away.
  • A registered agent worth their salt will keep track of your annual compliance requirements and remind you.
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