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Registered Agent Service in Utah

Utah State law requires every formal business entity in Utah (LLCs, corporoations, LPs, LLPs, etc.) to appoint and maintain a registered agent. Utah registered agents accept service of process on behalf of the business to they represent as agent. In lay terms, that means Utah registered agents receive notice of a lawsuit when a business entity like an LLC or corporation is sued. While this is their primary purpose, it’s not a Utah registered agent’s only duty. Registered agents in Utah also receive annual reports, tax notifications, and other important mail from the state.

To put it simply, Utah registered agents are a Utah business entity’s official point of contact.

Utah’s Statutory Registered Agent Requirements

Utah registered agents’ statutory duties are laid out in the state’s Model Registered Agent Act. The act stipulates that in order to be a registered agent, an individual or company must:

  • Have an actual street address or rural route box number in Utah where service of process can be physically delivered. P.O. boxes or virtual offices are not acceptable. Someone must sign for and accept the service of process.
  • Keep the entity’s current information on file with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code.
  • Be able  to receive service of any process, notice, or demand required or permitted by law to be served on the entity (during normal business hours).
  • Forward any service of process accepted on the behalf of a Utah entity to that entity.

Although not listed specifically in the Act, the registered agent is also usually expected to forward annual reports to the entity, as well as any other official notice or communication from the state.

Utah registered agents can choose to list themselves as a commercial registered agent, however, there is no mandate or requirement that the registered agent do so.

How to Be a Utah Registered Agent

According to Utah registered agent requirements, to be a Utah registered agent, a company or individual agent must have a physical address to accept service of process on behalf of a business entity. Additionally, Utah registered agents must also forward any notice, demand, or service of process accepted on behalf of a business entity to that business entity. To be a registered agent in Utah, you must be available during regular business hours at the registered office, as designated on state filings. In order to be a commercial registered agent in Utah, your business must already be representing several business entities and must registered with the Utah Secretary of State.

Utah Registered Agent Service Overview

When you hire Registered Agents Inc. registered agent service in Utah or any other Rocky Mountain state, we’ll go far beyond just fulfilling our basic, state-prescribed registered agent duties.

Whether we’re your own company’s or your clients’ agent, we provide the same great registered agent service, including:

  • Convenient, Secure Access
    When we receive any notification or service of process on behalf of a business entity in Utah, we’ll scan an upload the document from our local office to the client’s online account. Clients are able track and view every notification and reminder we’ve ever sent them in their online account, which they can access from anywhere they have an internet connection.
  • Real-time alerts
    Unlike other national registered agent providers, we don’t forward documents to scanning hubs where documents are then scanned and uploaded. We scan and upload from the office where we received a client’s documents. That saves time (scans sent minutes after we receive a document), reduces errors (we leave no document behind), and ensures the client knows the accurate status of their business (if your business is named in a lawsuit , you’ll know as soon as we do).
  • Easy-to-use Navigation
    Clients will not need a webinar or in-house consultation to use registered agent notification system. Through years’ of modifications and high-level design, we’ve created a easy-to-use and efficient notification system that will leave no client in the dark.
  • Registered Agent Service in Every State
    As a national registered agent, every client account includes access to every Utah form a business may need to file. Also, if a client needs to add coverage in a new state, we have them covered.
  • Dedicated Customer Service
    We strive to be the best in the business. Any client that requires help will be able to talk to our skilled and knowledgeable customer service agents.

How to Change Registered Agents in Utah

Changing registered agents in Utah is fairly straightforward. You can use Utah’s online system to change your registration. This is fastest, and will be processed in a day.

To change your Utah registered agent by mail, complete the Registration Information Change form for your specific entity and file it with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. You’ll need to include the following information:

  • Business name and file number
  • New registered agent name and address, if new agent is noncommercial
  • New registered agent name only, if new agent is commercial
  • Filer’s name and signature

The form is $15 to file with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code, however, if you want an expedited filing, we recommend you file online.

Why Utah Registered Agents are Important

Your Utah registered agent will be are responsible for handling your most private documents. It’s true that some business owners might consider Utah’s registered agent requirement a nuisance. We at Registered Agents Inc. take our responsibility seriously. We strive to make a potentially frustrating requirement an invaluable service.

With every Registered Agents Inc. order in Utah, each client will receive amazing registered agent service in Utah. This is why clients choose us:

  1. Experience
    This is what we do, day in and day out. We’re one of the largest registered agent service providers in Utah.
  2. Reliability
    With a combination of thoughtful design and solid experience, we have been able to eliminate errors from our systems. You can rest assured that none of the documents or communication we accept on your company’s behalf will be lost.
  3. Speed
    We scan your legal documents to you right away from our Utah registered office. If we’re your agent in another state, it’s no different: we’ll scan and upload documents in real-time from our registered office in that state. We’re in every state your business needs us to be.
  4. Commercial Address
    Our offices are commercial offices dedicated to registered agent service.
  5. Quality 
    Our prices are always competitive, and Registered Agents Inc. is and will always be the premium choice.
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