Starting a business is a daunting task no matter who you are. But Registered Agents Inc. is here to help. Our service is designed to help you form and keep a corporation or LLC in good standing and to simplify the experience of starting a business. ¬†Whether you need help filing your formation documents or annual reports, we’ll be there to provide support and assistance. We’re more than just a registered agent, we’re a support team actively engaged in helping your business achieve its goals.

How We Help Entrepreneurs

With years of professional expertise and business maintenance experience, Registered Agents Inc. is here to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Formation Guidance

When starting a business, we know how important it is to spend initial capital cautiously and save money wherever you can. Our entrepreneurial specialty is helping you cut costs. We provide all business forms and professional filing tips to help you avoid expensive formation and maintenance fees. We show you how to form and maintain your business entities, so you don’t spend money where you don’t need to.

Registered Agent Service

Registered agent service is a vital part of every business in the US. As your registered agent, our job is to receive legal notices and official mail on behalf of your business and ensure you receive all documents. Registered Agents Inc. has designed state-of-the-art technologies and networks to ensure our business alert and document delivery systems will keep your business apprised of any notice we receive on your behalf. No registered agent is better prepared to fulfill their statutory duties than Registered Agents Inc.

Corporate Compliance

Whether a needs to register to do business in a new state or needs a better way to track state compliance requirements, Registered Agents Inc. is the solution. We keep every client apprised of the regulatory steps your business needs to complete in the present and well into the future.

Online Business Presence

Establishing a strong, online business presence for your startup is easy with our Business Presence Package. It includes your choice of business domain and an email address at that domain. You’ll get a website on an open-source platform that you control with SSL service for website security. Also included is a phone number with an area code that you choose and a direct business line you can use with an internet connection.

Online Access

Whether your business operates in your hometown or has already expanded into multiple states, the Corporate Accounts Portal, our multi-dimensional online account system, will allow you to complete control of every corporate document Registered Agents Inc. has received on your business’ behalf and will alert you when annual reports are due. Plus, we also provide clients with unlimited access to our document portal and professional filer tips, making corporate compliance simple.

Simple Solutions

Through our Corporate Accounts Portal, your business can access every document it may need to file in any state. That’s also where you’ll find professional filing tips that explain how to perform corporate maintenance quickly. And while our online business solutions portal will allow and instruct you how to manage every aspect of corporate compliance on your own, you will never be alone with Registered Agents Inc. Our company was founded on the belief that high-end customer service is what matters most. If at any time you have questions concerning your business, you can reach out to us and find a real person waiting to take your call.

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