For many companies offering incorporation services to their clients, the idea of establishing a network of registered offices throughout the country in order to provide registered agent services nationwide is unthinkable. The time and effort involved in creating dedicated service offices in every state isn’t realistic for most incorporation companies and stands as a large risk. ¬†For those reasons, Registered Agents Inc. is actively seeking incorporation service companies who need nationwide registered agent service coverage. We can provide your clients with premium service at a competitive price. By hiring Registered Agents Inc. to registered agent services for your customers, you can begin selling and marketing registered agent service everywhere your company forms companies. Registered Agents Inc. has established offices in every state and Washington D.C. With years of experience within the registered agent and corporate compliance industries, Registered Agents Inc. has built a secure platform of services and technologies to provide all clients with outstanding services. With Registered Agents Inc., you can offer additional services without incurring additional overhead and feel confident that your customers are receiving a premium service that will help enhance your company’s brand and service options.

Registered Agent Solution Overview

Each registered agent company seeking wholesale service solutions will receive the following services and options:

Controlled Customer Interactions
When an incorporation service company utilizes our registered agent services, that company remains in charge of sales and client interactions. We provide registered agent service in each state and forward documents to your company on behalf of your customers. Your clients never interact with us.

Simple Transactions
With our Application Programming Interface (API), wholesale clients can safely and easily migrate customer data to our system without additional file transfers. This makes using our service as efficient as possible. When a client purchases services on your site, the information required for registered agent service transfers to make adding clients effortless.

Online Applications
Registered Agents Inc. provides all wholesale clients with an intuitive software to simplify client relationships and corporate compliance, making it easy to manage documents in an online account.

Brand Enhancement
When a company hires Registered Agents Inc., we focus on brand enhancement, not brand dilution. Incorporation service companies spend years establishing their brand and do all we can to perform our service without drawing attention to ourselves.

Filing Services
In addition to nationwide registered agent service, we can also provide business entity formation services in every state. This can reduce work loads and payroll requirements, as Registered Agents Inc. employs a team of highly skilled filers who know how to perform flawless company formations in every state.

Customer Service Capabilities
As an option, Registered Agents Inc. can perform high-end customer service on clients’ behalf. Through network interfacing, we can answer phones, email, and manage accounts under a client’s company name.

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