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Puerto Rico Registered Agent

What is a Puerto Rico Registered Agent?

A Puerto Rico registered agent is appointed by a Puerto Rico corporation or LLC to accept service of process (legal notice of a lawsuit), official notifications and other business mail on behalf of the company. These documents are accepted by the Puerto Rico registered agent and then forwarded to the corporation or LLC in a timely manner.

A Puerto Rico registered agent is required by law for every business entity in Puerto Rico. A registered agent serves as a guaranteed way for the PR courts and government agencies to contact a business.

Puerto Rico Registered Agent Requirements

The Puerto Rico General Corporation’s Act Section 3.01 defines the requirements for registered agents:

  • Must be residents or judicial persons (business entities)
  • Must have a registered office with a physical address in Puerto Rico
  • Must maintain regular business hours
  • Must forward all documents accepted on clients’ behalf to clients in a timely manner

It should be noted that a post office box does not meet the statutory requirement laid out in the GCA Section 3.01. A physical address is required for all Puerto Rico registered agents.

Puerto Rico Registered Agent Service Overview

When you hire us as your registered agent in Puerto Rico, we provide year-round service for your company. In addition to fulfilling our statutory duties, we provide you with a range of additional services to benefit your business.

  • Secure Online Account
    When we accept service of process, legal correspondence or other documents on your behalf at our Puerto Rico registered office, these documents will be immediately scanned and uploaded into your personal digital account. You can access this account from anywhere at anytime. Your documents are saved, organized and easily managed from your account, giving you fast user-friendly access to your important documents.
  • Instant Notification
    Most registered agent companies forward documents from local offices to a central national headquarters before finally delivering them on to clients. This adds days and weeks to a critical and short window of time for your company to respond to service of process. At Registered Agents Inc. we have revolutionized the industry by scanning and uploading all documents from local offices in every state. Your documents are always available the same day we receive them.
  • Reminders and Updates
    As your Puerto Rico registered agent, we receive more than just service of process. Our office also receives tax notifications, annual report reminders and important business mail. We track all of your compliance requirements and regularly remind you of critical deadlines. Our job is to ensure that your business stays in good standing with the Department of State.
  • User-Friendly Interface
    All the sophisticated software in the world won’t be of much help if you can’t figure your way around the program. Our client portal has been specially designed with our clients in mind. Years of testing and modifying have allowed us to provide clients with the simplest, most intuitive software on the market.
  • National Network, Local Filers
    Registered Agents Inc. has offices in all 50 states, as well as Washington DC and Puerto Rico. No matter where you want to do business, you can rely on our national network of registered offices. No other company manages a national filing network utilizing local business filers. The key to our success is giving clients the power of a large national network as well as access to local business experts with years of experience preparing and submitting filings in their individual states.
  • Customer First Service
    At Registered Agents Inc. we believe the customer always comes first. Too many national companies rack up so many clients that they start treating clients as little more than a number in the accounting book. We never see you that way. All of our clients are important to us, and when you sign on with our service, you will always be able to contact us and work through any issue you have. Client satisfaction is our number one goal.

Changing a Puerto Rico Registered Agent

To change your registered agent in Puerto Rico, you must make an amendment to your corporate information listed with the Puerto Rico Department of State. You can change your Puerto Rico registered agent online.

  1. Enter your company information into field to look up your business.
  2. Select your business and then click the Next button beside “I Want to File for This Entity”
  3. Select the proper amendment from the list and click next
  4. Fill in the proper registered information and complete your filing

In Puerto Rico, there are three possible change agent amendments:

  • Change Resident Agent
  • Resident Agent Resignation With Successor
  • Resident Agent Resignation Without Successor

If you are letting go of one agent to appoint another, then select Change Resident Agent.

If your agent resigned, then you must select one of the other two options. A registered agent may have already appointed a successor, in which case you simply need to acknowledge the change by filing the amendment.

If your agent resigned and did not appoint a successor, then you need to file the “Without Successor” amendment, and you will have 30 days to appoint a new registered agent.

Why a Puerto Rico Registered Agent is Important

Your registered agent is responsible for handling many of your company’s most sensitive legal documents, delivering these documents to you in a timely manner, and keeping you up-to-date about state compliance.

Unreliable registered agents can severely damage your business. Missed compliance reminders can lead to a loss of your right to do business in Puerto Rico. Service of process that is not delivered fast enough can lead to a default judgment against your company, costing you thousands or potentially millions of dollars.

Why hire Registered Agents Inc. as your agent in Puerto Rico?

  • Experience
    No one has more experience in the registered agent industry. Our national network of local filing offices provides the highest-quality service in the industry day after day to hundreds of thousands of clients.
  • Dependability
    We have revolutionized the industry by creating the most reliable system for scanning, uploading and delivering service of process to you in real time. No other agency comes close.
  • Speed
    Your documents are scanned and uploaded to your account right in Puerto Rico the same day they arrive in our office. You have access to them immediately.
  • Quality Service at a Competitive Price
    We keep our prices competitive: $200 per year. We don’t believe in add-ons or other fees. One low price for the highest-quality service in the industry.
One Time Yearly Service.