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Ohio Registered Agent Services


According to Ohio law, almost every entity doing business in Ohio must maintain a statutory agent (registered agent) and registered office.

What Ohio Registered Agents Do:

The registered agent accepts service of process, notices and official mail that is served on the business entity at the registered office. The Ohio registered agent is obligated by law to forward those important documents to the business entity’s last known address.

Registered Agent’s Inc. takes this commitment seriously. You rely on your Ohio registered agent to not only meet statutory requirements, but to give you fast and easy access to your important documents.

Each Ohio registered agent account includes:

  1. Efficiency
    Through years of testing, experience and service, we’ve perfected our service of process and mail notification system. Registered Agents Inc. gets documents to our clients quickly by immediately uploading to the online account.
  2. Security
    Each business that uses Registered Agents Inc. as their Ohio registered agent will receive a secure and encrypted online account.
  3. Local Ohio Office
    We have an actual office in Ohio. When we receive a document on behalf of a client, Registered Agents Inc. scans and uploads the document to the client account directly from our Ohio office.
  4. Low Price and Quality Service
    Our competitors can’t touch our quality of service or our low price. Registered Agents Inc. is your best choice in Ohio.

Why Ohio Registered Agents are Important:

Not only is the registered agent requirement mandatory under state law, it serves a very real purpose. When you do business in Ohio, or any other state, that state will expect that your business can be contacted and or served legal documents. If your Ohio registered agent fails to receive or forward your documents and you fail to respond to a lawsuit, you could face major legal troubles, including default judgment. It is imperative to have an Ohio registered agent you trust.

Registered Agents Inc. has also made our service something more than just the fulfillment of a statutory requirement—we can make managing your business easier.

For every Ohio registered agent client, we include:

  • Biennial Report Reminders
  • A Reduction in Paperwork
  • Easy Access to State Forms
  • Experienced Customer Service Representatives
  • Access to Registered Agent Service in Every State

How to Change your Ohio Registered Agent

It is not difficult to change your registered agent in Ohio.

  1. Obtain a New Ohio Registered Agent
    You should hire your new Ohio Registered Agent before making the change with the state.
  2. Complete the Ohio Statutory Agent Update 
    Once you’ve selected your new Ohio registered agent, you must complete the Statutory Agent Update online or by filing a paper form.
  3. Pay the Filing Fee
    The Secretary of State charges a $25 filing fee to change registered agents in Ohio.

Normal processing takes the Secretary of State 4-6 business days. Expedite options are available.

Ohio Registered Agent Requirements

To be an Ohio registered agent you must:

  • Be an individual who is a resident of Ohio or a corporation, nonprofit corporation, limited liability company, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, limited partnership association, professional association, business trust, or unincorporated nonprofit association
  • Have an Ohio physical address that is your business address

Whether you’ve just formed your first company or are seeking a high-end registered agent to provide service to vast numbers of Ohio businesses, Registered Agents Inc. As your Ohio registered agent, we will notify you in real time when we receive any legal documents on behalf of your company or your clients company. No one does Ohio registered agent service better than Registered Agents Inc.

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