Registered Agents Inc Vs. Northwest Registered Agent


Registered Agents Inc Northwest Registered Agent
Annual Registered Agent Fee $200 $125
Better Business Bureau Profile 0 complaints, ever. 2 complaints in the last 3 years
Filing Fee N/A $100
Offices in Every State Yes Yes
Company Motto “The Standard” “We’re just not annoying”

Registered Agents Inc is well known as The Standard in registered agent services, but we’re often asked to compare ourselves with the most popular registered agent company: Northwest Registered Agent. Here’s how we stack up against the most popular registered agent service: Northwest Registered Agent LLC.

A Northwest Registered Agent Review

As our primary registered agent service competition online, Northwest Registered Agent is a formidable registered agent. These are their main selling points:

  • Instant service
  • Locally-scanned documents
  • Offices in every state
  • Personalized customer service representatives called Corporate Guides®
  • Free legal forms
  • A wide selection of services offered on the front-end signup.

While those offerings appear impressive, at Registered Agents Inc, we believe we either match or beat Northwest Registered Agent on every offering.

For a more nuanced comparison and review, keep reading.


The Northwest Registered Agent website has free guides for dozens of business topics, including general topics such as changing registered agents and niche topics like how to start a series LLC. Every state is accompanied by twenty or so guides for state-specific topics like business formation, reports, and taxes. There are also a variety of legal forms (such as operating agreements) that can be printed out by the user.

In short, Northwest presents a large number of resources for users interested in reading and learning about how to set up their businesses themselves. We find this overwhelming and find their website hard to navigate. As well as large images that look nice, but make it extra hard to find what you’re looking for.

The Registered Agents Inc Difference

At Registered Agents Inc, we take a more hands-on approach. Our focus is on providing companies with premium, tailored business solutions. We have all the free legal forms on the back end in your client portal, but our staff takes the time to provide you with what your individual business needs. The difference is that we work to find the best business solutions for you and your business. Whether you simply need immediate registered agent service or have complex business needs, we are at your service.

As an example, for a law firm interested in offering registered agent service, we could assess the firm’s needs and offer custom business solutions, such as specialized software for direct website sign ups, individual online accounts for each customer, and front-end customer service. From start-ups to nationwide companies, we work with you to find the best solutions for your business. From offering a wholesale solution to a law firm to offering retail direct support for your clients, Registered Agents Inc has the highest-trained employees in the industry, regardless of a lack of catchy, coined customer service phrasing.


In addition to stand-alone registered agent service, Northwest Registered Agent also offers online formation service for LLCs, corporations and nonprofits. During checkout, you can find plenty of add-ons as well, everything from virtual office service to various corporate swag, such as stamps and seals.

The Registered Agents Inc Difference

Our focus has always been on providing premium registered agent service. You can’t even place an order for a corporate filing on our website. We don’t want to compete with you. If you’re in the incorporation service business or a law firm, why compete with your wholesale registered agent? We don’t take front end orders for filings. Once you have an account with us, we do offer corporate filings within your account. So you can choose to do your own filings with our helpful resources or offload the corporate filing to us. We process all filing orders the same day they are placed.


Northwest charges $125 a year for registered agent service. Annual renewals are the same price.

The Registered Agents Inc Difference

Our registered agent service price for individual businesses is $200 a year, and renewals are the same price. While we charge slightly more than Northwest for registered agent service, our dedicated, premium service is still quite a value. Additionally, for complex registered agent needs, we’re able to build comprehensive, custom-tailored packages at competitive prices. Our pricing reflects a higher hands-on type of business. Our typical clients have very high dollar service of process needs. We offer complicated logistical solutions for high impact confidential law suits that we handle all day every day. Our employees handling your confidential mail and legal correspondence undergo extensive nationwide background checks, and we adhere to complete PCI standards throughout the entire life cycle of employment at Registered Agents Inc. We have a secure work environment for your documents. No cell phones are allowed in our offices.

We offer the lowest wholesale pricing for volume accounts and the lowest pricing to retail registered agents and law firms. Our prices simply can’t be beat if you’re in the industry and looking for a true wholesale solution. We also offer the industries leading API for integration with whatever your backend software is built in.

Customer Service

On their homepage and across their site, Northwest Registered Agent pitches their Corporate Guides®. These guides are the company’s customer service staff. The guides are described as knowledgeable business experts, available by calling the Northwest phone number during regular business hours. Northwest Registered Agent notes that they have no phone trees and that you’re always able talk to a real and helpful person for the lifetime of your business.

The Registered Agents Inc Difference

At Registered Agents Inc, we also provide live, lifetime customer support for our clients without phone trees. In addition, to ensure our clients get our most experienced staff fast, we offer five different phone numbers and email addresses—one for each regional office and one for our national office. For example, for a question about California business, you can contact the experts at our West Coast Branch who know everything there is to know about business in the western states.

Our customer support staff is an integral part of our commitment to premium service. As such, our customer support staff members aren’t just trained to answer business questions like annual report due dates or how to form an LLC in Kentucky. Our staff is trained to help you figure out the best services for your needs. In cases of wholesale service, we can even provide front-end customer support directly to your customers.


Trust can be measured in many different ways, and Northwest Registered Agent ticks quite a few boxes. Northwest is admittedly the highest-rated registered agent service by far. No other registered agent service has really anywhere close to as many legitimate-looking positive reviews. Here are the Northwest Registered Agent reviews. However, if you look at their BBB profile, you’ll notice that in the past three years, they have had 2 complaints.

The Registered Agents Inc Difference

First, if you look at our BBB profile, you’ll notice we’ve had zero complaints. Ever. As the third largest and fastest growing registered agent in the country, that big fat zero is one that we’re proud of. We service a massive amount of US company registrations. We handle 10’s of thousands of documents every day nationwide, and not even 1 bad complaint.

Client trust doesn’t happen overnight—it grows in response to consistent, quality service and comprehensive support. A company’s most powerful indicator of trust is a long-term, established client base, and this is where we shine. We have long been the registered agent service provider of choice for numerous major law firms and business services, and we believe we will be for years to come.

Who is the best registered agent?

Northwest Registered Agent is a strong competitor, but when it comes to trust, premium service and support, we feel that we remain the standard to beat. At Registered Agents Inc, we continue our dedication to providing the highest quality service and our commitment to supporting our most valuable asset: our clients.