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New York Registered Agent Services


Under New York law, business entities formed or registered with the Secretary of State may designate a registered agent for service of process. The entity may designate an individual or a corporation or LLC.

What New York Registered Agents Do:

Every New York registered agent must maintain a physical address in New York. This is where the registered agent receives service of process and official documents on behalf of the business.

The New York registered agent is the point of contact between the state and your business. When you have been sued or the state sends you some legal notice, the registered agent is responsible for making sure you get that information, fast. Registered Agents Inc. takes this responsibility as your New York registered agent seriously. Whether you are obtaining our New York registered agent services for your business or for your clients, each of our accounts is handled with equal amounts of regard, security, and care.

Our New York registered agent accounts include:

  1. Reliability
    We have perfected our notification system through years of testing, experience and service. Registered Agents Inc. knows how important it is that you receive your documents. We have the experience and systems in place to make sure that happens.
  2. Instant Notifications
    Within minutes of receiving any notification or service of process on a client’s behalf, Registered Agents Inc. will scan and upload the document to the clients account from our New York office. We never forward your documents to a hub so we never risk losing documents in the shuffle.
  3. Secure Account
    Each business that secures Registered Agents Inc. as their New York registered agent will receive an online account secured by high-level encryption.
  4. Local New York Registered Office
    We have an actual office in Albany, New York. We receive all your documents there and scan them so you can view them in your account immediately. Using an Albany office address also allows New York LLCs to publish their organization in Albany newspapers at a much lower rate.
  5. Premium Service at a Low Price
    Registered Agents Inc. is the top choice for a premium New York registered agent service at a low price most of our competitors won’t dare match.

Why New York Registered Agents are Important:

Having a registered agent with a physical address is key to doing business in any given state. The state expects that when you do business there, you will have a reliable address where someone can deliver a lawsuit, tax notification, or other highly sensitive mail for your New York LLC or corporation. Having an New York registered agent you trust also benefits you. If your New York registered agent is incompetent or inefficient at delivering notifications to you, lawsuits can proceed and default judgments could be made against your business without you ever knowing it. That’s why retaining the services of a highly qualified registered agent like Registered Agents Inc. really matters.

Registered Agents Inc. has also created a service that is more than forwarding documents—we can make managing your business easier.

For every New York client, we provide:

  • NY Biennial Statement Reminders
  • A Reduction in Paperwork
  • Easy Access to State Forms
  • Knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives
  • Access to Registered Agent Service in Every State

How to Change your New York Registered Agent

If you want to change your New York registered agent you just file with the state. Our clients have access to helpful New York forms and filing tips in the online account after sign up.

  1. Acquire a New York Registered Agent
    You should hire your New York Registered Agent first.
  2. Complete the New York Change of Agent form 
    Once you’ve selected your New York registered agent, you must complete the state’s Certificate of Change form and submit the form to the New York Secretary of State by mail, fax, or in person.
  3. Pay the Filing Fee
    The Secretary of State charges a $30 filing fee to change registered agents in New York.

Normal processing takes the state about 7 business days. You can pay an additional fee for expedited processing.

New York Registered Agent Requirements

To become an New York registered agent you must be either an individual who is a resident of New York or a corporation or LLC that is registered to do business in New York. An New York registered agent must also maintain a street address (registered office) in New York, where you can accept and sign for service of process and official mail during normal business hours. A mail box or phone service is not sufficient. The registered agent is required to physically be at an address New York, ready to accept notifications and service of process throughout the working day.

In New York, you can always simply designate the Secretary of State as your agent for service of process. In that case, when the state is served on your behalf, they forward the documents to the address you provide. We really recommend hiring a professional, though. Registered Agents Inc. never wastes time by forwarding documents via regular mail. We scan and upload your service of process immediately upon receipt.

Whether you’ve just formed your first company or are seeking a high-end registered agent to provide service to vast numbers of New York businesses, Registered Agents Inc. As your New York registered agent, we will notify you in real time when we receive any legal documents on behalf of your company or your clients company. No one does New York registered agent service better than Registered Agents Inc.

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