Massachusetts Registered Agents

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Massachusetts Registered Agent Services

What Massachusetts Registered Agents Do:

A Massachusetts registered agent is an individual or corporation responsible for accepting documents and service of process on behalf of a business entity and forwarding said documents to the entity.

Our Massachusetts registered agent service includes:

  1. Access to Documents
    Registered Agents Inc. makes your service of process available immediately.
  2. Secure online account
    Our Massachusetts registered agent online accounts are a safe and secure way to view documents and manage your business.
  3. Massachusetts registered office 
    Registered Agents Inc. will always scan your documents at our local office. We have an office in Massachusetts, which you can view your documents as we receive them.
  4. Experience
    Registered Agents Inc. has been providing the best registered agent service for years. Our customer service and filings specialists are knowledgeable and professional.

How to Change your Massachusetts Registered Agent

Changing your Massachusetts registered agent is easy. The most convenient method is to file online.

  1. Obtain a New Massachusetts Registered Agent
    Hire your new Massachusetts registered agent before filing the change with the state.
  2. Complete the Massachusetts Change of Agent form 
    Massachusetts corporations and LLCs can change the registered agent by filing in person, by mail, by fax, or online.
  3. Pay the Filing Fee
    There is a $25 fee to file the change of agent form. There is no fee to file the change of agent online.

Filing the paper form can take up to 5 days depending on how you send it. Online filings are processed almost immediately.

Massachusetts Registered Agent Requirements

To be a Massachusetts registered agent you must:

  • Be an individual resident of Massachusetts or a corporation with authority to do business in Massachusetts and its usual place of business is Massachusetts
  • Maintain a Massachusetts physical address

Why Massachusetts Registered Agents are Important

The whole point of the registered agent may not be obvious. However, there is a good reason for the registered agent requirement. The state needs to have a reliable way to contact your business. This benefits your business as well, because you need a reliable way to receive service of process and official documents. But Registered Agents Inc. can do much more than simply help you fulfill a statutory requirement.

Why choose Registered Agents Inc.:

  • Massachusetts Report Reminders
  • Filing Instructions
  • Immediate Access to State Forms
  • Professional and Experienced Customer Service
  • Registered Agent Service Available in All States

Registered Agents Inc. service in Massachusetts includes online accounts, high-end security, and fantastic service. Registered Agents Inc. is the premier provider of nationwide registered agent service.

Registered Agents Inc. is the nation’s premier provider of Massachusetts registered agent service. Whether you’re a law firm seeking high-end registered agent service for your clients, or small business seeking the ability to expand or launch a company in Massachusetts, Registered Agents Inc. is the right registered agent agent for you.

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