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Maine Registered Agent/Commercial Clerk Services

What Maine Registered Agents Do

All businesses registered with the Secretary of State must designate a Maine registered agent to accept service of process and official documents on its behalf. The registered agent must be located at a street address in Maine. You may see the term “commercial clerk” used when referring to Maine registered agents. The two terms have generally the same meaning. “Commercial clerk” and “Non Commercial Clerk” are just terms Maine uses in its Model Registered Agent Act.

Our Maine registered agent service includes:

  1. The fastest notification system
    We never forward your documents to a “hub” for processing. We handle everything so you see your service of process or official notices within moments.
  2. Secure accounts
    We provide each of our Registered Agents Inc. with an online account secured by high-level encryption.
  3. Maine registered office 
    Since Registered Agents Inc has an office in Maine, we get your documents to you as efficiently as possible. We scan documents in our Maine office so you can view them immediately.
  4. Dedicated staff
    The staff at Registered Agents Inc. has one priority, client satisfaction. We have spent years perfecting our system and we are proud of it.

Why Maine Registered Agents are Important

Receiving your official notices and service of process is an important responsibility. We don’t recommend trusting just anyone in this position. Your registered agent in Maine should be able to receive documents on your behalf and forward them to you quickly. If you miss a filing date or fail to respond to a lawsuit, there can be serious legal consequences for your business.

Registered Agents Inc. does more than forward official notices. We provide a whole business management system.

Why choose Registered Agents Inc.:

  • Maine Annual Report Reminders
  • Excellent ME Filing Tips
  • Immediate Access to State Forms
  • Experienced Customer Service Representatives
  • Access to Registered Agent Service in Every State

How to Change your Maine Registered Agent

Changing your Maine registered agent is a bit convoluted.

  1. Obtain a New Maine Registered Agent
    Hire your new Maine registered agent before filing the change with the state.
  2. Complete the Maine Change of Agent form 
    Once you’ve hired your new Maine registered agent, complete a Statement of Appointment or Change of Commercial Clerk OR a Statement of Appointment or Change of a Non-commercial Clerk form. It can be confusing because there are separate forms each type of entity, as well as separate forms for changing commercial/non-commercial clerks.
  3. Pay the Filing Fee
    There is a $35 fee to file a change of agent in Maine.

Normal processing takes the Maine Secretary of State about 5-10 business days.

Maine Registered Agent Requirements

To be a Maine registered agent (clerk) you must:

  • Be a person or be an entity registered to do business in Maine.
  • Be located at a Maine physical address (not a P.O. Box or maildrop)
  • A Maine clerk may be either a commercial clerk (registered with the state) or a non-commercial clerk (not registered as commercial). In the grand scheme of things, these designations don’t really matter to you. What really matters is that you appoint someone qualified to be the agent/clerk.

Whether you’ve just formed your first company or are seeking a high-end registered agent to provide service to vast numbers of Maine businesses, Registered Agents Inc. As your Maine registered agent, we will notify you in real time when we receive any legal documents on behalf of your company or your clients company. No one does Maine registered agent service better than Registered Agents Inc.

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