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Indiana Registered Agent Service

Indiana Registered Agent Requirements

The State of Indiana requires every business entity registered with the state (LLCs, corporations, LPs, LLPs, etc.) to designate a registered agent. Indiana registered agents accept service of process and official mail on behalf of a Indiana business and forward those legal documents to that business. Indiana’s statutory requirements for registered agents are straightforward and listed below:

  • A Indiana registered agent must maintain a registered office located at a specific geographic location in Indiana State. The registered office may not be a P.O. box or a virtual office.
  • An Indiana registered agent may be either an individual or a corporation or LLC authorized to do business in Indiana.
  • Indiana registered agents must be available to accept service of process and official notifications from the state.

What Do Indiana Registered Agents Do?

Indiana statutes only require a registered agent to have a physical residence or office in Indiana to accept service of process on behalf of the business. The idea behind requiring registered agents in Indiana is to establish a reliable method of contacting an Indiana business entity should it be sued or need to receive official, legal documents or communication. Basically, Indiana registered agents ensure a business can be reliably apprised of any legal proceedings moving forward against it.

Honestly, fulfilling the duties of a registered agent in Indiana is not difficult. You simply must be available at a designated location (the registered office) during normal business hours to receive and accept legal documents from a process server, should one stop by.

What’s not so easy to do is provide a service like Registered Agents Inc. does.

Indiana Registered Agent Services

While all LLCs and corporations in Indiana are required by law to have a registered agent, Registered Agents Inc. has done its very best to make this requirement an invaluable service.

No matter whether you’re hiring us as a registered agent for your Indiana business or for your clients, every Indiana registered agent order includes all of the following:

  • Online Access to Every Document We Receive 
    All Registered Agent Inc. clients are instantly provided a secure, online account when service begins. Then, when we receive any notification on behalf of their Indiana business, we’ll scan and upload the document from our local office in Indianapolis, IN to the client’s online account. The client can view and track every notification and annual report reminder we’ve ever uploaded from one secure location.
  • Notification in Minutes
    Unlike other national registered agent providers, we only scan and upload documents from our local offices. We don’t forward documents to a scanning hub where they are either scanned and uploaded or, unfortunately, lost. Our method not only makes for fast notifications in real time, but also eliminates errors and ensures the client knows where their business stands.
  • Simple, High-Level Design
    Clients will not need a webinar or in-house tutorial to use our registered agent notification system. Through years’ of rigorous testing and intuitive design, Registered Agents Inc. has created a simple and effective alert system that will leave no client behind.
  • A Network at Your Fingertips
    As a premium national registered agent, every client account includes access to every state form a business might need to file. And when a client’s business begins to expand outside of Indiana and they need to add coverage in a new state, they can do so with just a few clicks.
  • Amazing Service
    Any client that requires help will get it. Our customer service agents are skilled, knowledgeable, and trained to be the best in the business.

How to Switch Indiana Registered Agents

Changing registered agents in Indiana is relatively easy.

To change Indiana registered agents, you should first hire your new registered agent, then complete the Indiana Notice of Change of Registered Agent or Registered Office form and file it with the Indiana Secretary of State by mail or personal delivery. The form requires:

  • Business name
  • Name and address of current registered agent
  • Name and address of new registered agent
  • Filer signature

Mailed documents will be processed in 3-5 business days.

How to Be a Registered Agent in Indiana

Anyone who resides in state or has a physical business address (No PO boxes or virtual offices) in state where service of process can be delivered can be an Indiana registered agent.

Why Indiana Registered Agents Are Important

A registered agent in Indiana is your business’ most important point of contact for receiving and forwarding important legal documents to business owners. Should your business be sued, your registered agent will be served. If your business needs to file an annual report, your registered agent will be the first to know. If your registered agent is incompetent or loses your documents, you might never know your business is being sued or is running the risk of being dissolved for delinquent annual reports. If you’re hiring a registered agent in Indiana, make sure it’s one you trust.

Why Indiana Businesses Choose Us

  1. Experience
    We’re one of the largest registered agent service providers in Indiana. Our main focus is dedicated to registered agent service.
  2. Reliability
    Through high-class design and experience, we have been able to eliminate errors from our systems, ensuring you or your clients will always receive the documents we accept on a business’ behalf.
  3. Speed
    We scan your Indiana business’ legal documents to you in real time from our registered office in Indianapolis, IN within minutes of receiving any legal document.
  4. Quality Address
    We have an office in Indiana, IN, have been here for years, and will remain here for years to come..
  5. Quality Service
    Our prices will always be competitive and Registered Agents Inc. is and will always be the premium choice.

Whether you’ve just formed your first company or are seeking a high-end registered agent to provide service to vast numbers of Indiana businesses, Registered Agents Inc. As your Indiana registered agent, we will notify you in real time when we receive any legal documents on behalf of your company or your clients company. No one does Indiana registered agent service better than Registered Agents Inc.

One Time Yearly Service.