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Delaware Registered Agent Services


For those that know anything about the business entity industry, they know Delaware is America’s corporate entity capital. But for every corporation or LLC formed in Delaware, there must also be a registered agent. According to Delaware state law, every business entity formed and registered with the Division of Corporations must appoint a registered agent to accept service of process and official notification on behalf of the business entity.

What Delaware Registered Agents Do:

The primary duty of a Delaware registered agent is to maintain a physical location in Delaware (known as a registered office) where the agent can receive and accept service of process and official mail during all normal business hours. This is essentially the statutory requirement for a Delaware registered agent.

A lesser known requirement is that all Delaware registered agents are required to maintain an updated communications contact for each entity the agent represents. The communications contact must be a person designated by the LLC or corporation to receive communication from the registered agent. The LLC or corporation must provide to the registered agent its communication contact’s business address and business telephone number. If the entity does not keep this information updated, the registered agent may resign. On the registered agent’s end, they must keep track of this vital information for each entity so that service of process and official mail can be delivered properly.

Registered Agents Inc. takes our responsibility as your Delaware registered agent seriously. No matter whether your securing our Delaware registered agent services for your business or for your clients, each account will be handled with equal amounts of regard, security, and care.

Each Delaware registered agent account includes:

  1. Reliability
    Through years of testing, experience and service, we’ve perfected our service of process and mail notification system. No Registered Agents Inc. client is ever left behind.
  2. Security
    Each business that secures Registered Agents Inc. as their Delaware registered agent will receive an online account guarded by high-level encryption to ensure each user’s business account is secure.
  3. Fast Notifications
    Within minutes of receiving any notification or service of process on a client’s behalf, Registered Agents Inc. will scan and upload the document to the clients account from our Delaware office. We do not use a forwarding hub, ensuring we don’t lose documents along the way.
  4. Local Delaware Office
    We own our office building in Delaware, which means we will be in the same location, day after day, for years to come.
  5. Low Price and Quality Service
    For a premium Delaware registered agent service at a price most of our competitors won’t dare match, Registered Agents Inc. will always be the top choice.

Why Delaware Registered Agents are Important:

When someone needs to deliver a lawsuit, tax notification, or highly sensitive mail to your Delaware LLC or corporation, they contact your registered agent in Delaware. If your Delaware registered agent is incompetent or inefficient at delivering notifications to you, lawsuits and defaults could move against you through the court system without you ever knowing it. That’s why retaining the services of a highly qualified registered agent like Registered Agents Inc. is imperative.

Registered Agents Inc. has also made our service something more than the fulfillment of a statutory requirement—we can be an extension of your business.

For every Delaware client, we provide:

  • Annual Report Reminders
  • A Reduction in Paperwork
  • Easy Access to State Forms
  • Knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives
  • Access to Registered Agent Service in Every State

How to Change your Delaware Registered Agent

If you’re switching registered agents to us, we will always file the change of agent form for you and the state fees to change to Registered Agents Inc. are included in our fee.

  1. Obtain a New Delaware Registered Agent
    You should hire your new Delaware Registered Agent first.
  2. Complete the Delaware Change of Agent form 
    Once you’ve selected your new Delaware registered agent, you must complete the state’s Change of Agent form and submit the form to the Delaware Division of Corporations. You can either mail or fax your completed form to the Division of Corporations.
  3. Pay the Filing Fee
    The Division of Corporations charges a $50 filing fee to change registered agents in Delaware. You can pay by credit card if you file by fax. Otherwise, attach a check made out to the Division of Corporations and mail it.

If you need to change Delaware registered agents fast, you have the option of paying $50 to expedite the filing. Expedited filings typically take one day to complete, once the Division of Corporations receives the filing. Non-expedited filings may take anywhere from a week to 30 days to be filed.

Delaware Registered Agent Requirements

To become a Delaware registered agent, you must have a physical residence (registered office) in Delaware, where you can accept and sign for service of process and official mail during normal business hours. That means P.O. boxes and virtual offices will not suffice. You are required to physically be at an address Delaware, ready to accept notifications and service of process throughout the working day. If you meet these requirements, you could list your own name or business name as a registered agent.

If you serve as a registered agent for more than 50 entities, you are considered a commercial registered agent in Delaware and must also:

  • Maintain a principal business address in the state
  • Obtain and maintain a Delaware business license
  • Be able to adhere to all the Secretary of State’s communication requests
  • Be available to receive service of process on your clients’ behalf
One Time Yearly Service.