Careers: Customer Service Manager

Corporate Headquarters
Sheridan, WY

Position Description

Registered Agents Inc. Customer Service Manager will oversee and enhance the performance of customer service departments nationwide. To successfully accomplish this task, the Customer Service Manager will need years of experience in managing customer service staffs, be well-versed and comfortable and have the innate ability to anticipate and facilitate changes internally and externally with in-house staff and departments in other branches. Upcoming¬†challenges will include the ability to deploy and adapt to new technologies within the customer service departments, maintain positive and professional relationships with Customer Service Managers in other branches, ensuring that Registered Agents Inc.’s customer service meets and often exceeds the promises we make to our clients. The successful candidate will also have a record of achieving goals in their previous employment positions.

Essential Duties

  • Customer Service Team Building and Motivation. Leading the Customer Service team to meet a single goal: provide unparallelled customer service.
  • Fielding and resolving inquiries and issues with Registered Agents Inc. Directors.
  • Infrequently travel to other branches to meet with the entire Customer Service team in Registered Agents Inc.’s four regional branches to ensure¬†company policies and procedures remain consistent across the branches.
  • Review that the Corporate Filing Specialists and the Help Desk Agents are meeting expectations in professionalism and productivity
  • Coordinate project flow throughout Customer Service Departments.
  • Oversee the creation and administration of employee educational materials.
  • Coaching Customer Service Agents for improvements in work flow issues and customer satisfaction.
  • Will provide feedback to Customer Service Agents on performance upon request
  • Helps create motivational strategies to drive Customer Service Agent work is performed adequately.
  • Actively participate in the acquisition of new Customer Service Agents through hiring process.

Required Qualifications

  • Experience managing multiple departments in a corporate environment
  • The ability to show successful Customer Service Management goal attainment where previously employed
  • Experience in the corporate service industry, or the ability to display an innate understanding of the challenges faced in our growing industry
  • Ecommerce and online marketplace management experience
  • Bachelor’s degree, however, a Master’s degree in a related field is preferred.


Salary and benefits will be commensurate with experience.